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SJB Painting Contractors LTD

Steven from SJB Painting found Tandonta Web Design through a referal to the Tandonta Facebook page. Steven and SJB Painting Contractors are professional painters and decorators offering all aspects of their trade to offices, commercial, industrial, schools and to the home/domestic environment, both internal and external works. SJB Painting Contractors have been operating for over 15 years and Steven thought it was time to benefit from the World Wide Web.

Steven got into contact with Tandonta Web Design, and within a few days the wheels were in motion. Tandonta provided Steven and SJB Painting with 3 different designs and web layouts. Steven selected different elements from each design and with some careful input from Tandonta, a design was selected ready for development.

Development took 10 days and SJB Painting Contractors are now online. The next stage is for Tandonta work on a stretgic Search Engine Optimisation plan and are now aiming to achieve the goals.

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