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Roberts Television Services
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Case Study

Roberts Television Services are a TV Sales and Repair company based in Wolverhampton. Roberts TV already had a website at the time of contact with Tandonta, but felt it had gone a bit stale, it didnt't have the effect they desired.

A few meetings later, Robert from Roberts TV, had a choice of Four different styles of website which he and his business partner chose different features from them to create a final draft, Tandonta then made plans to interpret the design into their Content Management System.

One major problem Roberts Television Services were having with their previous website, was that no-one could find them on Google or on other Search Engines. They couldn't even be found by typing the company name and location into the Google Search Bar.

All websites built by Tandonta are 'Search Engine Friendly'

All websites are built Search Engine Friendly by Tandonta, so with this and a little keyword research, they were able to solve Roberts Television Services' problem and they can now be found local for all of the services they offer.

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Reveiw by Roberts Television Services
Roberts Television Services

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